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Divi Blueprint 3

The Ultimate Course That Teaches You How To Build a Beautiful, Professional Website Using The Divi 3.0 Builder

Divi Blueprint 3

The Ultimate Course That Teaches You How To Build a Beautiful, Professional Website Using The Divi 3.0 Builder

Course Features

Everything You Need & More

Weather you’re a complete beginner just looking to create a great website without the need for complex coding or having to master difficult programming and design skills, this video course has everything you need to quickly learn to create a stunning website for your blog, business site, ecommerce store or even to become a become a successful Divi website designer or platform developer.

How Divi Works

It is important for you to see how Divi works so that you will be able to find your way around.

How To Install Divi

Learn how to install the Divi WordPress theme so that you can access and download updates.

Divi Builder Overview

Learn the navigation specifics of getting around the Divi builder in order to begin your projects.

Divi Visual Builder Overview

Discover the new way of building websites with the “visual builder” which is the latest update included in Divi 3.0.

The Wireframe Mode

In this part of the course you will learn how to use the wireframe mode to easily locate your Divi building modules.

What’s Recommend

You’ll decide which builder mode to use and also the recommend style will be revealed.

Home Page Design

This is where you will roll up your sleeves and begin getting down to work creating your first Divi page!

About Page Design

You will learn how to use predefined layout so that you’ll only need to replace content on the page.

Gallery Page Design

Build beyond the basics of popular gallery website pages by building one that is more functional and stylish.

Blog Page Design

Creating blogs is easy and fast when you have the power of Divi and the WordPress one click blog settings.

Custom Blog Page Design

To move past limited pre-set blog layouts you’ll be introduced to more advanced blog page customization.

Contact Page Design

Course instruction on building more functional contact pages that greatly enhance website visitor usability.

Cloud Connectivity

Fast and Reliable Video Content Delivery To All Your Devices

There is nothing more annoying than constant buffering especially if your trying to concentrate on learning new skills via a video course. Our content is stored in the cloud on secure and reliable Amazon cloud servers and delivered in crystal clear Dolby Digital compressed audio and high quality HD video. That means more learning with without unnecessary distractions.

Divi Blueprint 3 Video Course

What’s Covered…

Mobile App

View Divi Blueprint 3 On The Go

Coming to Google Play

Beginning Spring of 2020. you will be able to view Divi Blueprint 3 on your Android device.

Soon in the App Store

Coming Summer 2020. Soon you will be able to access Divi Blueprint 3 on iPhone and iPad.

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